Zettai Karen Children

Zettai karen children 822
Pays d'origine Japon
Format Série TV
Durée par épisode 24 minutes
Studio SynergySP - Synergy SP
Genre Action - Comédie - Magical girls - Romance - School Life – Science-fiction
Date de diffusion du 06/04/2008 au 29/03/2009
Nombre d'épisode 51


Au Japon, dans un futur proche, les gens aux pouvoirs psychiques, dit "Esper" ont réussi à cohabiter avec la population "normale". Cependant certains utilisent leur pouvoir de façon criminelle. Le gouvernement a donc mis en place une cellule spéciale pour combattre cette forme de criminalité. Cette cellule est composée de trois jeune filles, de niveau 7, au caractère très particulier et qui n'en font qu'à leur tête. Elles sont sous les ordres de leur chef Minamoto qui a du mal à se faire entendre.




Date Titre
04/01/2009 0 Generous Treatment! Natsuko and Hotaru's B.A.B.E.L. Report
06/04/2008 1 Absolutely Lovely! Their Name Is "The Children"
13/04/2008 2 Don't Worry! The Soaring Tower of BABEL
20/04/2008 3 A Virtuous Person! Being an Esper is Tough
27/04/2008 4 Beautiful Spring Scenery! Go Go Pretty Female High-School Student
04/05/2008 5 Unpreparedness is Your Greatest Enemy! You Wouldn't Normally Enter
11/05/2008 6 Superiority Quarrel! In Front of Your Classmate's Eyes...!?
18/05/2008 7 Very Ordinary! Restricted Children
25/05/2008 8 Hyōbu Kyōsuke! What, He Showed Up?
01/06/2008 9 Attractive Bodies! We Are Adults!?
08/06/2008 10 Danger Awaits! Hurry, BABEL 2!!
1015/06/2008 11 Hot Springs! Shining Eyes in the Steam
22/06/2008 12 The Long Road Ahead! Teleporting Japan's Future!!
29/06/2008 13 Family Disruption? Operation Paradise!!
06/07/2008 14 Have a Sharp Mind!? The Children are Bumbling/Master Detectives
13/07/2008 15 Rock-ribbed Law! Don't Escape!!
20/07/2008 16 Gentleman's Agreement! The Memory of the Far-off Days...
27/07/2008 17 Jungle Law! I'll Eat You♪
03/08/2008 18 Deep Love Detection! Crisis of the Children Dissolution!
10/08/2008 19 Runaway Angel! It Cannot Happen to My Naomi...!
17/08/2008 20 Super Beast Caricature! Sometimes Come to Be a Beast...
24/08/2008 21 Jack-of-All-Trades And Master Of None! Why Was He Angry!?
31/08/2008 22 The Environment that Surrounds the Person is Important to Bring Up the Person! Minamoto Gunned Down!?
07/09/2008 23 All at Once! Be Robbed...!
14/09/2008 24 Professional Homemaker! Washed up...!
21/09/2008 25 A prayer for Smooth Birth! Hello baby!
28/09/2008 26 Change the prediction, the future is surprising!
05/10/2008 27 Declaration of War! A Challenge from P.A.N.D.R.A.
12/10/2008 28 Beauty of Feature! Tsubomi Kiss Alert
19/10/2008 29 Finesse of Love! The Sea Which is the Nearest to Heaven
26/10/2008 30 Woes Unite Foes! Do Safeblowing by Design♥
02/11/2008 31 World Heritage! Then, Shall We Go to Kyoto?!
09/11/2008 32 Rare delicacies! Touch Me If You Can
16/11/2008 33 Autumn Holiday-making! Lunchbox is in the Underbush
23/11/2008 34 From Flies to Mosquitoes Everywhere! Minamoto is Using His Hands and Legs too!?
30/11/2008 35 Much Dramas and Hates! Hatsune Runs Away from Home!
07/12/2008 36 Guys Prohibited! Afternoon of the Angels
14/12/2008 37 Formidable Enemy Shows Up! Black Phantom
21/12/2008 38 Transient Life! Dream Maker
28/12/2008 39 Evanescence! Psycho-Divers
11/01/2009 40 Tsubomi Lodge! Go In!
18/01/2009 41 Mariage proposal ! Royal soldiers : the Children
25/01/2009 42 Combination problem ! Fantastic toy
01/02/2009 43 Odd couple! Caroline, fated reunion
08/02/2009 44 Let's go to Aibetsu! Carrie, eternal farewell
15/02/2009 45 A gift from heaven! The gift of children
22/02/2009 46 Suspicion breeds Suspicion! The notebook that makes it happen
01/03/2009 47 A summer day's dream! Tomorrow's feelings
08/03/2009 48 Power struggle! An invisible threat
15/03/2009 49 Shifting and changing! Huh, Minamoto is!?
22/03/2009 50 Hardest struggle! Over the future
29/03/2009 51 Cherry blossom festival! Well, see you again


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