Une grande force maléfique d'origine inconnue réveille les graines du mal.

Une fois réveillées, ces graines donneront naissance à un monstre destructeur et chaotique.

Nous suivons Enno Chiaki, descendante de Enno Ozunu, un grand mage qui vivait il y a de cela 1200 ans.

De ce fait, Chiaki est la seule qui puisse briser le sceau retenant Zenki, le démon de la famille, capable de tous les sauver.

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Date Titre anglais
09/01/1995 1 The fierce guardian spirit awakens
16/01/1995 2 Karuma the demon and her three demon disciples
23/01/1995 3 Shut in by the shutter
30/01/1995 4 The pot filled with desire
06/02/1995 5 Tastes like fresh Zenki
13/02/1995 6 The boy and the telephone
20/02/1995 7 Run for the finish line of desire
27/02/1995 8 Welcome to Hotel Mummy
06/03/1995 9 A demon in he basement and the fire spell
13/03/1995 10 A boy and his dogs
20/03/1995 11 The night song of the samurai
27/03/1995 12 Memories buried in the snow
03/04/1995 13 The challenge of the wishing plaques
10/04/1995 14 The legendary guardian spirit. Reveal Zenki's secret
17/04/1995 15 The plan of sealing up the guardian spirit
24/04/1995 16 The spell of darkness. Souma vs Anju
01/05/1995 17 The servant of evil falls. Anju's longest day
08/05/1995 18 The golden dragon awakens. The mythical immortal mountain
15/05/1995 19 The two Chiakis. 800-year promise
22/05/1995 20 Heian capital up in flames. Come, golden axe!
29/05/1995 21 Rush to the future. The pentagram shrines in the ancient capital
05/06/1995 22 Guardian village destroyed. Water formation
12/06/1995 23 Goula the traitor. Gold formation and earth formation
19/06/1995 24 Come back to life Zenki! Flame formation
26/06/1995 25 The last battle! The end of Karuma
03/07/1995 26 Eve of the guardian spirit festival. Lulupapa appears
10/07/1995 27 A new enemy. I am the Prince of the Realm of the Dead
17/07/1995 28 The awakening of the heartbeat! Akira's secret
24/07/1995 29 Rear out! The ultimate guardian spirit Vajura Mahar Samskara
31/07/1995 30 Stolen faces. Beware of the pick-up artist!
07/08/1995 31 The hands that create souls. The night of the dolls
14/08/1995 32 Terror by the lake. Listen! The spirit's song
21/08/1995 33 Fragments of desire. Chiaki in big trouble!
28/08/1995 34 Jukai runs for office! Daruma power, cast your honest vote!
04/09/1995 35 An arrow that pierces the full moon. Ichiko's secret
11/09/1995 36 Forbidden garden. Let's put flowers on our heads
18/09/1995 37 A star is born. Got the punch line?
25/09/1995 38 The nightmare of the lost pool. Souma returns
02/10/1995 39 Hirumaki's scheme. The shadow of death creeps
09/10/1995 40 Dangerous Encounter, Sayaka's Crush
16/10/1995 41 Kokutei Gets Kidnapped, Assassinate the Dog Deity!
23/10/1995 42 Akira is the Target. Attacker from the Realm of the Dead
30/10/1995 43 Darkness Approaches, Chiaki Gets Tested
06/11/1995 44 The Miracle of Mother mary, The Memory of an Ancient Jewel
13/11/1995 45 Kaze Dies at Dawn, Kill the Phantom Karuma Beast
20/11/1995 46 Beautiful Beast, Negation Power
27/11/1995 47 Enno Shrine Under Attack. Come, Earth Dragon Staff!
04/12/1995 48 The Fate of the Moon and the Wolf. Beyond the White and Silver.
11/12/1995 49 The Guardian Spirit versus the Dog Deity. The Last Battle of Destiny
18/12/1995 50 The God of Destruction Arrives. Fight, Courageous Ones!
25/12/1995 51 Go Guardian Spirit! Golden Axe Ludora!

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