Yakitate Japan
Yakitate japan 73
Pays d'origine Japon
Format Série TV
Durée par épisode 24 min
Studio Sunrise
Genre Action – Comédie – Drame – Tournois / Nourriture
Date de diffusion du 12/10/2004 au 14/03/2006
Nombre d'épisode 69


Azuma Kazuma est un jeune garçon cherchant à réaliser le rêve d'un de ses amis boulanger : Créer un pain si délicieux qu'il s'appellerai "Japan" et serait le pain officiel du Japon. Bien que naïf et pas très intelligent, Azuma possède une incroyable technique et imagination quand il s'agit de faire du pain ! Depuis son enfance, il n'a cessé d'inventer différents pains dans sa recherche du pain parfait. Son prochain objectif est de rentrer dans la fameuse boulangerie de Pantasia afin de s'approcher de son but.


Azuma kazuma 859
Azuma Kazuma
Azuma inaho 860
Azuma Inaho
Azuma baa-chan 861
Azuma Baa-chan
Azuma jii chan 862

Azuma Jii chan

Kuroyanagi ryo 863

Kuroyanagi Ryo

Kawachi kyousuke 866

Kawachi Kyousuke

Azusagawa tsukino 67

Azusagawa Tsukino

Suwabara kai 868

Suwabara Kai

Kinoshita kageto 869

Kinoshita Kageto

Azusagawa sadanao 83

Azusagawa Sadanao

Ken matsushiro 874

Ken Matsushiro

Mokoyama tsuyoshi 881

Mokoyama Tsuyoshi

Meister kirisaki 882

Meister Kirisaki

Mizuno azusagawa 883

Mizuno Azusagawa 

Umino katsuo 885

Umino Katsuo

Dave hashiguchi 886

Dave Hashiguchi

Kanmuri shigeru 887

Kanmuri Shigeru

Yukino azusagawa 88

Yukino Azusagawa

Sister mako graham 897

Sister Mako Graham

Sophie balzac kirisaki 905

Sophie Balzac Kirisaki

Edward kayser 906

Edward Kayser

Bob kayzer 907

Bob Kayzer

Gran kayser 908

Gran Kayser

Pierrot bolneze 916

Pierrot Bolneze

Shachihoko 1056


Monica adenauer 1239

Monica Adenauer

Brad kidd 5072
Brad Kidd
Ryuu ryomen 884
Ryuu Ryomen



Date Titre
12/10/2004 1 He Has Arrived!! The Boy Who Possesses Solar Hands
19/10/2004 2 Marahajah!! The Day Mount Fuji Fell!
26/10/2004 3 Burnt Black!! Is This the Final Kurowa-san!?
02/11/2004 4 Hihiin!! Make a delicious bread!
09/11/2004 5 De-licious!! A decisively ultimate butter!
16/11/2004 6 It's the Main Store!! Dancing Meister!
23/11/2004 7 Hattori Surprise!! Transformation with the secret sauce!
07/12/2004 8 Kawachi Kai!! The Solar Gauntlet!
14/12/2004 9 I won't lose!! I challenge you with my Osaka Bread!
21/12/2004 10 Each One's Opening Curtain!! The Pantasia Newcomers' Battle Begins!
28/12/2004 11 Garbage and Trash!! Kazuma Selected the Worst Possible Butter!
28/12/2004 12 Kazuma Disqualified!? Resurrection from the Brink of Death by Ultra C!
11/01/2005 13 Sorry for the Wait!! Meron Meron with Melon Bread!
18/01/2005 14 Delii-cious!! The Trap of the Yakisoba Bread!
25/01/2005 15 The Best Possible Team!! We're Going to Win with Onono Komachi-san!
01/02/2005 16 The Green Marvel!! It's the Magician Kazuma!
08/02/2005 17 The Great Decisive Battle!! Koala's Dragon vs. Kazuma's Turtle!
15/02/2005 18 With a little prayer!! An oath on the grave!
22/02/2005 19 The nightmarish semifinals!! Yukino's despicable trap!
08/03/2005 20 The Indomitable Fighting Spirit!! Use Adversity as a Springboard to Success!
15/03/2005 21 The experimental, historical, supreme bread!! It's JAPAN #44!
22/03/2005 22 Before the Finals!! A Dark Shadow Approaches Kazuma
29/03/2005 23 Rice Cake Rice Cake Showdown!! Azuma Kazuma VS Kanmuri Shigeru!
29/03/2005 24 The Meister, Taking Wing!! Who is to Win!?
05/04/2005 25 What!! Kawachi, Intense Training of China!
19/04/2005 26 Newcomer Battle Final Match!! Singing, Dancing French Bread!
26/04/2005 27 Let's all make bread together!! It's JAPAN #2!
03/05/2005 28 The ten billion yen man!? Pantasia's life or death crisis!
10/05/2005 29 Close attack!! The birth of the black Japan!
17/05/2005 30 And now, it's France!! Aim for the Monaco Cup!
24/05/2005 31 The critical touch and go situation!! The prohibited Rodin strategy!
31/05/2005 32 This is the world level!! The roulette that brings forth a storm!
07/06/2005 33 Snacks at 3 p.m.!! It's Japan #21!
14/06/2005 34 Lupan #3!! Pain d'epice, Kai-Style(Kai)!
28/06/2005 35 The world pays attention!! The Monaco Cup finals begin!
12/07/2005 36 A Speed Contest!! Ping It with That!
19/07/2005 37 Survival!! Bakers on an Uninhabited Island!
26/07/2005 38 And Now You Must Swim!! Tai-yaki-kun of the Southern Island!
26/07/2005 39 A Dive into Hell!! A New Scheme!
02/08/2005 40 Pierrot's Miscalculation !! The Last Dinner , How it Tastes ?
09/08/2005 41 The Question of the King !! Who must prove a delicious bread first ?
16/08/2005 42 Misterious Brothers !! Kaizer's Natural Shape !
23/08/2005 43 Fully Nutritional !! Sports Pan Confront !
06/09/2005 44 The Sound Speed Threat !! Gopan #97
13/09/2005 45 Nude * Nude * Nude!! Magnificent Bread Battle!
20/09/2005 46 Pierrot Arrested !? Bows Between Love And Bread !
27/09/2005 47 Victory!! Revolutionizing the bread industry!
04/10/2005 48 The Great detective Pierrot!! A reaction you lay your life on!
04/10/2005 49 Reunion at the VIP seat!! Heaven again!
11/10/2005 50 Uchyuu wo miseru!! Gopan wo tsugu otoko!
25/10/2005 51 All the ingredients collected!! The greatest finals in all of history!
01/11/2005 52 Pierrot crosses the sands of time!! Japan at the apex of the world!?
08/11/2005 53 A Letter of Challenge from Kirisaki!! The start of a new program, Yakitate!! 9!
15/11/2005 54 The breat battles in special localities!! In the end, he's a pop idol!
22/11/2005 55 Awaken!! Super Kuroyanagi!
06/12/2005 56 Kuroyanagi in Danger!! The Lost Reactions!
13/12/2005 57 Oo, Mango!! CMAP's Big Counterattack!
20/12/2005 58 Love also Rescues Saito!! Solar Hands VS the Flame Arm!
10/01/2006 59 Nin Nin Nin!! My Way of Ninja!
10/01/2006 60 I Hate Things that Turn!! Kai and Monica's Three-Legged Race!
17/01/2006 61 Kanmuri's secret!! A jam showdown without moral codes
24/01/2006 62 The sibling showdown!! The first-class man chosen by Dad!
31/01/2006 63 Seaweed Bread Showdown!! A really famous person is gonna appear, you know!
07/02/2006 64 A Traditional Taste! The heart that thinks of Japan is just one!
14/02/2006 65 The Fearful Revenge!! The Panda man appears!
14/02/2006 66 The miraculous steamed bread!! The day Panda became a panda!
21/02/2006 67 The Sun vs. the Blizzard!! The ultimate tart showdown!
07/03/2006 68 This is the path I must take!? The Road of the Loquat!
14/03/2006 69 Who is it that you will give truly delicious bread to!? The Japan, Forever!
Date Titre anglais Titre français
03/07/2007 1 Shinigami's Eyes Les yeux de Shinigami
10/07/2007 2 Are You Gonna Die? On te laisse mourir?
17/07/2007 3 Dead Man's Tongue La langue des morts
24/07/2007 4 The Sound of a Butterfly's Wings Le battement des ailes du papillon
31/07/2007 5 Sacrifice Sacrifice
07/08/2007 6 The Longing for Freedom La soif de liberté
14/08/2007 7 A Wandering Heart Le cœur vagabond
8 From the dead, lonely Je suis seul même dans la mort
28/08/2007 9 Living Corpse Le cadavre vivant
04/09/2007 10 The Corpse Release Spell La formule du transfert d'âmes
11/09/2007 11 Life and Death La vie et la mort et ...


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